May 2013 By Gretchen Dillon-Sauer, MBA, CVPM A continued mantra, “practice progressive medicine,” runs through the mind of current practitioners.Being aware of medical advances and procedures, new medications, and surgical techniques help to drive the veterinary profession and improve itself … Continue reading

March 1013 By Gretchen Dillon-Sauer, MBA, CVPM Click Here to Download All Scorecard Graphics Altering the industry of veterinary medicine charges the current regime with the responsibility of embracing change. Acknowledging education in veterinary medicine provides little distinct preparation for … Continue reading

March 1, 2013 By Gretchen Dillon-Sauer, MBA, CVPM Download Scorecard Change rampantly sweeps across industries at an alarming pace. Operating a thriving veterinary practice means directing staff more effectively. But, are they being efficient? Are employees focused on tasks that … Continue reading

Cardiology Clinical Trials Being Conducted at SCVSEC. Many pets are diagnosed with congestive heart failure during their lifetime. The veterinary medical industry continues to look for progressive treatments for this disease. An Animal Health Company is conducting an FDA regulated … Continue reading