Our Staff

Our Staff

Our support staff are excellent caregivers. Backed by training and possessing extensive experience and credentials they provide the very best veterinary care available. All staff regularly undergo continuing education. Their professional activities are evident in the lectures and seminars they lead and in the leadership they provide professional associations. Our doctors pursue research and publish their findings. They provide leadership in their communities as well and provide financial support to causes and organizations that improve the quality of life for friends, neighbors, and others.


Dermatology & Allergy

Dr. Dan Hall

Meet Dr. Dan Hall


Dr. Jacqueline Watson

Meet Dr. Jacqueline Watson



Dr. Tara Hardy

Meet Dr. Tara Hardy

Dr. Allison Kelly

Meet Dr. Allison Kelly

Dr. Stacy Kolb

Meet Dr. Stacy Kolb

Dr. Tracie Quick

Meet Dr. Tracie Quick

Dr. Luke Watson

Meet Dr. Luke Watson

Dr. Ashley Corlew

Meet Dr. Ashley Corlew

Dr. Heather McCann

Meet Dr. Heather McCann

Dr. Nicole Clementson

Meet Dr. Nicole Clementson

Dr. Sarah Hall

Meet Dr. Sarah Hall


Internal Medicine

Dr. Corinne Goldman

Meet Dr. Corinne Goldman

Dr. Paige Mackey

Meet Dr. Paige Mackey

Dr. Ashleigh Seigneur

Meet Dr. Ashleigh Seigneur



Dr. Becky Brown

Meet Dr. Becky Brown

Dr. Paul Rossman

Meet Dr. Paul Rossman

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