SC Association of Veterinarians Annual Conference

SCVSEC Vets Present Nine Key Topics

SCVSEC veterinarians address nine vital topics during the SCAV’s annual conference. With the theme of 28 hours of continuing education, the conference takes place October 16 through 19 at the Spartanburg Marriott. Drs. Dan Hall, Tristan Weinkle, and Corinne Goldman discuss topics such as Rational Use of Cardiac Medicines, ALP Elevation in the Dog, and Urinary disease. Their presentations provide nine hours of insight and knowledge designed to improve diagnosis and treatment effectiveness.

In addition to 28 hours of continuing education, this conference includes the Large Animal and Small Animal Academies as well as SCAV’s business meeting where awards were presented to Hospital Administrator, Gretchen Dillon-Sauer for Veterinary Hospital Employee of the Year and Hazel Bergmann for Licensed Veterinary Technician of the Year.

SCAV is a non-profit association representing veterinarians that advances the science and art of veterinary medicine.

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