Gypsy: Up And Running Again!

Gypsy, an 11-year-old lab, came to our Oncology Service with a recent limb amputation for an aggressive bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. She also had complications from her original surgery and needed three additional surgeries to repair the damage. Gypsy stayed with us for about two weeks. When she left, she walked out and jumped into her mom’s car, ready to go home, quite comfortable on her three legs. As soon as her surgical sites were healing well, we started Gypsy on Carboplatin chemotherapy. Gypsy received treatments over the next 18 weeks with few side effects. Gypsy and her mom, true troopers, always showed up with big smiles. We see Gypsy every three months or so for chest X-rays and so far she is two years out with no recurrence. Mom says, with a big smile that Gypsy runs and plays just like she did before her surgery!

Read Gypsy’s story in her mom’s own words:


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