Phinee Breaks Free!


Phinee came to Internal Medicine with a big problem: straining to urinate for three months. When she did, her urine contained blood. Her veterinarian’s radiographs revealed several large bladder stones and two stones in her urethra. Surgery removed the bladder stones, but the urethral stones couldn’t be dislodged. That’s when Phinee came to us for laser lithotripsy. Using fiber optics and a laser we shattered her urethral stones. Before laser lithotripsy came along, Phinee would have needed highly invasive surgery. First we would have broken her pubic bone to get to her urethra. Then we would have to operate on her urethra to remove the stones. Instead, cystoscopy and laser lithotripsy let us break the stones into small pieces easily flushed from the bladder. Following anesthesia, Phinee could urinate. No more straining! She went home the next day. Phinee continues to do well at home and she’s happy having broken free of her stones.

phin2 phin3



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