Dear Doctors Goldman, Hall and your entire staff,

It is with the heaviest of hearts for Joanna and I to inform you that we had to let our precious little Lena go last weekend. Other than one very difficult night at the end, she was – thankfully – in good shape and good spirits for the remainder of her time. Joanna and I are both accomplished writers, yet I know we could never find appropriate or satisfactory words to express our immeasurable appreciation to you for saving and extending Lena’s special life on so many occasions.

We believe each sentient being is endowed with a small spark of light from our Creator. Even though, at some point our individual light burns out, we know that we are actually called home to rejoin the great forces and light of the universe from which we began.

Even though she was “only” a small puppy – and a beautiful and wonderful one at that – she brought an incredible amount of joy and happiness to so many lives. Her tiny spark of life was permitted to burn much brighter, and much longer, because of each of you.

Of course, it’s because of our great love for Lena that it was and has been so deeply painful for us to have to let her go. Yet, I remember praying so fervently back in 2010 when we almost lost her, that if we were fortunate enough to have more time with her; that I would remember on her last day and after, not just the huge loss of the present, but also the great blessings of the past. Those most certainly include 13 years of priceless memories with Lena, and the integral part you all played in them, as well as making so many of them possible.

All our thanks,
Peter & Joanna Leventis

Peter & Joanna Leventis

Dear Dr. Goldman,

It is truly hard to believe it has been 6 years since you and Dr. Vernon diagnosed Sugar with IMHA! If it weren’t for two very special veterinarians, and their staff, Sugar would have died in 2012! Words cannot express what is has meant to my wife and I to still have Sugar with us. She is such a sweet dog. My wife and I often say (she is an angel with four legs and no halo”! Thank you and your staff for saving Sugar’s life. Rest assured, we hope and we pray that your life and your veterinarian practice will continue to be blessed. Our life certainly has been thanks to you!

Best wishes today, tomorrow, and always!
Lew & Dee Carlisle

Lew & Dee Carlisle

Dear Dr. Weinkle & Emergency staff,

Thank you so so much for taking such great care of George. He is back to his normal self, galloping around the yard and eating all his dry food!! Words cannot describe my appreciation. I can’t imagine my life without him, and because of your care and super smarts he is home. Thanks again!


"George" & Meg

Dear Dr. Goldman,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for everything you’ve don’t to help Lacey feel better. . . Your favorite patient and I will see you soon! (See card)

Take Care,

"Lacey" & Jelene

Dr. Weinkle and Staff,

Thank you for your understanding and always being so kind to Charlie and for taking great care of him (See Card),

Best Wishes,

Elizabeth, Michael, and Charlie

Dear Tristan, Stephanie, and all my friends as SCVS,

Thank you for taking care of my tummy – Inside and Out.  I like my belly buttons.  I don’t know why my mom was worried about it . . .
See card


Sue and Friendly

Dear Dr. Goldman,

We just want to drop you a little note to say thank you.  Senior Carlos is our spicy little kitty and its so good to have him stirring up trouble again at the house.  All of your hard work, expertise, and guidance has been extremely appreciated.  See Card

Kelly, Jamie, & Senior Carlos

Dr. Hall,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for Paislee and me.  You always say her improvement is because of the hard work I’ve put in, but In reality all I’ve done is follow your instruction!!  Thank you again.  See Card

Regina and Paislee

Dear Dr. Goldman, all the other vets and all the other staff who recently took care of our cat Evan,

Thank you SO much for all the incredible care you gave Evan when he had bladder stones and Kidney Failure!  We are still amazed by how well he has recovered. See Card

Kristina and Todd with Evan

Everyone on your staff have always given the best of care.  They are all outstanding!!!

Keep up the great work.

Andrew Dempsey
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