SCVSEC Sponsors Komodo Dragon Exhibit at Riverbanks Zoo

Crazy for Komodo Dragons

We’re proud to announce that SCVSEC is supporting the new Komodo dragon exhibit at Riverbanks Zoo. The exhibit is currently under construction and will be complete in the spring of 2016. These large lizards have found their home at the zoo and part of the exhibit, a ranger station that’s a replica of the station at Komodo National Park in Indonesia, is already complete. The dragons spend their days on and around the station desks, work tables, catch poles, sketches of dragons and maps of surrounding Indonesian islands.

Komodo dragons are the largest living lizards on Earth, and we’re proud to have a part in helping them live at Riverbanks. We encourage you to visit and check them out for yourselves!



Komodo Dragon Sponsorship2

Komodo-Dragon-ExhibitKomodo-Dragon-Exhibit2Komodo Dragon SponsorshipKomodo-Dragons

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