We diagnose and treat patients using advanced digital imaging technologies that include digital radiology, ultrasound, and CT-scans. We make these images available to your veterinarian via web-based technology. The result is fast, efficient, often paperless.

Compared to traditional X-rays digital radiographs provide greater detail and sensitivity when evaluating bones and internal structures. They save time too since they require no chemical processing. Transferring and enhancing digital images prove easier and less radiation results as well.

We diagnose and treat patients using state-of-the-art digital imaging technology. Digital radiology, ultrasound, and CT-scans give us excellent diagnostic capabilities. Our doctors work with you and your veterinarian to identify imaging techniques best serving your pet. These images are available to your veterinarian thanks to our web-based storage technology. As well, we integrate images with our paperless software system to provide comprehensive imaging capabilities.


Digital Ultrasound provides remarkably detailed information for accurate evaluations of the heart, other internal organs, and soft tissues. Our ultrasounds include color flow, Doppler, and 3D imaging. 


CT Scan

CT, digital computerized tomography (CAT scan), provides highly detailed cross-sectional imaging. Commonly used to evaluate the brain and spinal cord and complement other imaging techniques, we use CT to evaluate the chest, abdomen, and soft-tissues. To provide patients the best care, we consult board certified radiologists who evaluate our CT images.


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